General Travel Tips for Your Next Trip in 2017

Roll your clothing – When you are packing it helps if you have extra space available, by rolling your clothing you eliminate creases and provide much needed space in your luggage. For additional space saving techniques get yourself a vacuum suitcase insert.
Hand Wipes – Most people don’t know how important these things are when you are out and about and really don’t have an available source of water to clean yourself up. You can easily wipe yourself down in the humid and hot Africa days.
Money – there are two things to keep in mind, sometimes things happen for no reason and sometimes things gets lost. Make sure your cards (Credit Cards or Debit Cards) works and is in fairly usable condition and make sure you have a backup of cash hidden somewhere. Most folks like to use the Chapstick method, I prefer to use the hidden “belt wallet” as seen below:

Good Walking Shoes – You need to make sure you have a great pair of comfortable shoes, ones your happy to be in all day and are well-worn in.

Law – Be aware of the country you are going to and make sure you abide by the law of the country. Don’t walk naked and/or drunk around Dubai, chew gum and spit it out in Singapore or flip off a taxi in South Africa, 2 of that 3 have deadly repercussions.
Don’t be THAT guy – Many tourists who travel make it so abundantly clear that they are not from the country that they become targets for shop dealers and criminals. Try and blend in as much as you can, nothing too “MISSION IMPOSSIBLE” but walking around oblivious to the dangers is… dangerous.
Have fun – it is after all a vacation and allow for some time to rest after you have landed, most people will say its a waste to lay about in your hotel room but that is all part of the vacation.

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